Other items included in the gift box:

Two small O-rings: used at the both ends of the shower filter when connecting it to the shower arm and shower head. It prevents fluid or air from going IN or OUT of the pipe and to better seal the connection.

Teflon tape: used in case the connections mentioned above are leaking. The teflon tape is known as plumbers tape.

How to apply the Teflon tape: Start with a couple loops around at the end, then wrap all the threads, overlapping half the width of the tape on each wind. Wrap in the direction of the threads starting from the end and proceeding toward the length of the pipe.

1. Prepare the shower filter

Place the water filter under the running water for 20 seconds to remove the carbon dust from the filtration cartridge. Then run water also through the other end for 20-30 sec


Note: The water will initially run black, continue rinsing the shower filter until the water runs clean.

2. Remove the shower head or shower mount

Remove the existing fixed shower head or rain shower head from the shower arm by turning it counter-clockwise. The same applies if you have a hand shower.


Note: Clear any excess deposit/material from the shower arm threads using steel wool if necessary. Apply the teflon tape clockwise on the threads of the filter and shower arm and then place the O-rings. These should prevent any leakage if done properly (a few turns of the teflon tape on the threads are usually enough).

3. Attach the shower filter to the shower arm

Hand tighten the shower filter to the shower arm by turning it clockwise. Attach the shower head or shower mount to the shower filter, and hand tighten by turning it clockwise.



1. Open shower filter housing

Unscrew the shower filter housing, by holding the top section of the shower filter and rotating the bottom counter-clockwise. Once open, the filter cartridge can be easily removed.


2. Replace filter cartridge

Remove the old filter cartridge from the shower filter housing. If there is debris left inside, rinse the inside of the filter housing. Insert the new cartridge as shown in the picture. Then re-assemble the shower filter.


Care and Maintenance

To clean you Dewifier Shower Filter, gently wipe with damp cloth and dry with a soft towel. Do not use harsh, abrasive cleaning products or polish.

Shut-off valves

If your shower has a shut-off feature, make sure the shut-off valve is between the shower arm and the shower filter. Not between the shower and the shower filter, as the excess pressure may cause the shower filter to crack.


Black water comes from shower filter
Initially, the shower filter might generate black water caused by activated carbon dust inside the filter cartridge. Run water through the filter for 20-30 seconds, to remove all excess carbon dust.

Leaking connections
The leakage from the shower arm could be due to the washer sealed improperly within the shower filter. Check that the washer is STRAIGHT and FLAT with the connection nut. Use your fingers or gently use a screwdriver to push the washer down.
If leakage persists, remove the washer from the inside connection nut, flip it over and set it back in. If this doesn’t stop the leak, apply more teflon plumber’s tape on the shower arm threads.

Water Test Kit

1. Put 1-2 drops of the reagent (from the water test kit bottle) into a small quantity of water and fully mix (let the tap water run before taking the sample). Compare the color to the color chart.

2. After adding this reagent you can see the free chlorine value immediately and after 10 mins you can read the total chlorine value.


Storage: Avoid sun light, keep in a cool place. Validity: 1 year.

1. Do not drink 2. Keep away from fire 3. Keep away from kids 4. Avoid contact with your eyes. If that happens, use pure water to rinse thoroughly. In critical situation please go to the hospital. If you experience any problems or have any questions, please contact our responsive and knowledgeable Support Team before returning the product. We are here to help!

Email us at: support@dewifier.com