What would happen if you stop washing your face?

To properly care for your skin, you must know that regular washing of face is a crucial skin care regimen.

Sebaceous gland

Sebaceous glands are microscopic glands in the skin that secrete an oily or waxy matter, called sebum. This oily-waxy water protects our skin from the dangers of the outside world. It creates a barrier that prevents bacteria and other harmful agents entering our body through the skin. Hair follicles are used by Sebaceous as a pathway which allows the oil to reach our skin’s surface.

Extreme dirt build-up on the surface of the skin may cause blockages in the hair follicle, trapping sweat, dead skin cells, and sebum. With the lack of sebum on the surface of the skin, bacteria may slip into it causing inflammation. With this, acne breakouts occur.

Proper skin care and cleansing clear skin pores of dirt which allows the sebum oil to reach the skin’s surface, blocking out bacterias which leads to unwanted breakouts.

If you completely halt washing your face, pores will be clogged which develops to serious acne. You may experience severe skin dryness, irritation, and itchiness due to insufficient skin hydration. With these, your skin will generally look aged due to dirt, oil, and grease.

Imagine your face looking older than your age! So be sure to practice proper skin cleansing.

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