Shower Your Way to Perfect Skin

Showering is so simple as you may think, but did you know it can also help you get that perfectly smooth skin that you are aiming for? Here are some tips for daily showering that can change your dull looking skin to more radiant healthy one. ♥

Perfect Skin Through Proper Showering

Get the temperature just right
As we all know, you can either use warm or cold water while showering. Hot showers and baths can inflame the skin, causing dryness, redness, itching, and even peeling. Cooler or lukewarm showers even just a few times a week can keep skin hydrated.

Decrease your bathing time
Keep your showering time short. Long water exposure can also lead to skin dryness.
Dermatologists recommend keeping showers to five minutes or less.

Cleans your body safely
Avoid using harsh soaps, if possible, use all natural soap which has no chemicals and fragrance in it.
If you are using a loofah, don’t share it with anybody and let it dry completely every day.

Pat yourself dry
Pat your skin with a towel instead of vigorously rubbing it. Keep in mind that rubbing can cause irritation and leave you itchy. Patting also leaves some water on the skin, which should be sealed in with moisturizer after each shower.

Moisturize your skin
Applying moisturizer after a bath is essential for beautiful skin. Using a moisturizer every day can make your skin glow and provide deep hydration making your skin look refreshed and plump.

Protect your skin from harmful irritants such as chlorine,  pesticides and heavy metals that may cause allergic reactions and aggravate the occurrence of dry and flaky skin. 

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