Dewifier is a premium universal shower filter that helps you restore the natural equilibrium of skin and hair for the whole family by removing chlorine, heavy metals, microorganisms and other impurities from your water. With Dewifier you’ll get clean water for a healthier family.

Dewifier uses proven multi-stage technology for water filtration to keep your family safe: KDF55 particles, activated carbon and Calcium Sulfite, effective both in cold and hot water.

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Investing in water treatment products is what we needed to do for the sake of our family and others as well.

Shower Filter – for Shower Head | Handheld | Combo Showers Includes The Water Test Kit to Test The Filtered Water

$45.50 $35.50

About Us

As parents, we are always concerned about the well-being of our children and our family, in general, and health is our no. 1 priority. Since we’re facing many health threats in our everyday life, we have decided to start investing time and, of course, money to find solutions to these problems. We had a difficult task, as we wanted to come up with affordable and easy solutions. And we did!