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Our skin changes with age, that’s just how nature works. But there are a variety of factors that cause premature ageing. Our messy lifestyle, our diet, our habits in general are considered to be the main causes of premature skin ageing.

However, recent studies have proven that there is yet another important factor that we tend to ignore, a “silent killer” for our sensitive skin: the TAP WATER that we are using every single day when showering.

The unfiltered shower water contains chlorine, heavy metals and other organic compounds that affect your skin and scalp by causing acne, rashes and premature skin ageing.

Just imagine your delicate skin being exposed to all these harmful elements on a daily basis.

Dewifier is a multi-stage water filter that uses the latest proven technology removing over 96% of chlorine and purifying your water of heavy metals that are harmful for your skin.

To prove you that the product is indeed efficient, your package will include a water test kit for you to assess your water. And yes, it is free of charge, because that’s how sure we are of how well it works!

But don’t listen to us, listen to what your skin has to say about it and give it what it deserves! Because you deserve a beautiful and healthy skin! Take this exclusive opportunity to pamper your skin and hair with chlorine-free water.

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Yes, I want a healthy skin nowNo thanks, my skin is healthy enough

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